1900 IV Finishes - Fall 1914 and AARs

GM: Waterice Man. WINNER: Andycooke (Russia).

1900 IV Finishes - Fall 1914 and AARs

Postby Waterice man » 22 Mar 2011, 17:20

Congratulations to Russia, played by Andycooke, who has acheived a solo with a replendant 19 Supply centres.

Final map.gif
Final map.gif (32.1 KiB) Viewed 1368 times

Italy (Pedros)
F Egy S Russian F EMS-Cyr
A Mar S Gas-Bur
A Gas-Bur

Britain (lotr_freak)
Gib - Mor
MAO sup Spa hold
Bre - Gas
Spa sup Bre - Gas
Pic - Par
Bur - Als
Bel sup Bur - Als
Col sup Bur - Als
NET sup Col hold
Kiel sup Col hold
Den - Bal
Swe sup Den – Bal RETREAT
Nth - Ska
Nwy sup Swe hold CUT

Russia (AndyCooke)
A Macedonia-Bulgaria
A Greece Holds
F East Mediterranean Sea-Cyrenaica
A Araby-Palestine
A Switzerland - Milan
A Munich - Switzerland
A Silesia - Munich
A Berlin S Silesia-Munich
A Vienna-Trieste
A Galicia-Bohemia
A Finland S BALTIC-Swe
A St Petersburg-Norway BOUNCED
A Livonia-Prussia

Commisserations to Britain, played by lotr_freak, Italy, played by Pedros (at the end) and all those who didn't survive to the end:
Turkey (townypete)
Austria (Jierda117)
France (HurstLlama)
Germany (sroca)
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Re: 1900 IV Finishes - Fall 1914 and AARs

Postby AndyCooke » 24 Mar 2011, 00:34

Before writing the AAR, I'd first like to thank Waterice Man for his GMing over the past 6 months (!)

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Re: 1900 IV Finishes - Fall 1914 and AARs

Postby Pedros » 02 Apr 2011, 12:34

I don't think it's up to me to start this one, and if something doesn't happen soon we'll simply archive it!

But congratulations to Andy anyway!
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Re: 1900 IV Finishes - Fall 1914 and AARs

Postby AndyCooke » 06 Apr 2011, 22:46

Thanks, Pedros - and sorry for the industrial-sized stab right at the end!

I will write an AAR, promise - it's just been extremely busy here for the past couple of weeks.

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Re: 1900 IV Finishes - Fall 1914 and AARs

Postby AndyCooke » 09 Apr 2011, 16:12

As promised:

Well, where to start?

The opening of 1900-IV was over six months ago, so I've had to rack my brains a bit.

I got Russia. Okay, I could work with that.
So the obvious initial plan: Try to make friends with Austria and Turkey and see which one is going to go for me. If both are, panic slightly. Try for non-aggression with Germany and Britain. Sound out France and Italy for long-range work against my neighbours.

All right, hardly an original plan, but I really doubted things would fall out like this anyway and I'd have to be flexible.

Initial moves went okay, apart from Turkey looking very alarming (A fleet in the Black Sea and an army in Armenia). He had run that by me, claiming it to be a feint. Worriedly, I accepted the move, figuring that I could probably defend with Russian Emergancy Measures if he did betray me, and I'd be building up a fund of trust with him if he didn't. Fortunately, he didn't.

Meanwhile, Germany, Britain and Italy decided that France was going down, and fast. Austria tried his luck on Rumania.

Into 1901, I tried to demilitarize Scandinavia. Germany and Britain decided that "peace through superior firepower" was the way ahead for the peninsula, and I realized I could be in trouble. France was heading for an early bath, and it looked like the Western powers were going to clear the board. My reading was that it wasn't a triple, however, but three two-way pacts (could be wrong). B/G against me and against France; B/I against France and probably Turkey with I and G having more of a Non-Aggression Pact.

So, cheerfully and shamelessly I tried to turn them against each other. To Germany, I pointed out how vuilnerable he was to Britain and wondered aloud if lotr_freak would be able to resist. To Britain ... well, I pointed out how Germany was totally vulnerable to him and he'd never get a better shot :) .

Britain went for it and stabbed Germany and tipped his hand opnely on the alliance with Italy by supporting Italy into Constantinople. Fortunately, I put in an unrequested support to Constantinople to hold, figuring that if my reasoning on a B/I was correct and if Britain stabbed Germany, I'd want as much asymmetry in power between B and I for diplomatic leverage. To be honest, I was fairly stunned when it all worked out like that.

I proposed a Grand Coalition with Turkey, Austria and Germany against the might of B/I, which all agreed to. Unfortunately, Austria ignored the danger (despite repeated messages along the lines of "What are you doing!? You know you're next on their menu!") and attacked Turkey and me, taking Constaninople and Sevastopol, whilst the B/I superior firepower in the centre of the board proceeded to crush Germany. I rather heartlessly grabbed Ankara as Sultan townypete fell, to reduce my losses.

I continued with desperate diplomatic attempts on both Britain and Italy. Surely one of them would weaken and go for the solo. Britain resisted, but Italy went for it. Sorry, MadeofMeat. I wasn't completely truthful. My plan was to get you to stab Britain and use the resulting turmoil to lift myself to equal status with both of you.

So, Italy stabbed Britain and I nobly offered Britain the assistance of the Russian peoples against the tyrant in Rome. At the end of the fourth year (1903), I was back to my original 4 SCs. By 1904, I had five, but had lost Sevastopol. Then the B/I war broke out, and I was up to eight at the end of 1905.

MadeOfMeat vanished and the game was suspended until QoH took the position. By the end of 1906, I was up to ten SCs and was planning my final move. Grinding through Germany and Austria's old SCs, I built to 12 by the end of 1907 and prepared my stab - I could get to 17 by the end of 1908 if Italy moved as I'd hoped. I'd been negotiating with QoH since his arrival and promising that I'd be willing to change the status quo.

The plan - stab for Denmark and Norway (surrounding Sweden). Shoot for Budapest whilst manouevring to look like getting ready to attack Vienna (would get in as long as QoH followed through on his attack on Vienna, cutting Budapest's support) and position to take Damascus. I'd then swing through and attack Trieste rather than Vienna in Fall, getting to 17 and surrounding Vienna. I'd then pick up Vienna in Fall 1909 and Sweden would be a reserve centre in case of losing Denmark (which seemed possible).

Alas - QoH NMR'd and my beautifully constructed plan fell down when Trieste's support for Budapest bounced. I got to 16 rather than 17 centres and although I succeeded on getting the one more centre in 1909 that I thought I would, it was just insufficient. Never mind - with Britain and Italy out of position fighting each other, I had to get there. Surely?

However, lotr_freak fought an astounding tactical campaign and parried my every move. Daring moves pushed me back and I was on the way down again in 1910. I tried a public message saying that I'd fight to the end to ensure that no draw went through, trying to sew the seeds of doubt between Britain and the new Italy - that they should each stay on guard against each other and divert forces away from their front lines with me. Alas - didn't seem to be making much ground.

I lost two more SCs and MisticX (QoH's replacement) resisted any attempts at influence, before declaring that he'd sit out on the sidelines and let lotr_freak and me duel it out. Not a good offer from my point of view - half of my units were tied up in facing Italy's, whilst Britain had all of his forces concentrated on the front line. Doomed. I appealed to lotr_freak's sense of fun, pointing out that a diplomacy-free and strategy-free scrap over the centre of the board was simply a tedious exercise without even any suspense - he'd win after a long, grinding and frankly boring exercise. Why don't we both turn on Italy and wallop him for reducing the game to tedium? Real suspense - Italy had forces well arraigned against me, but I had forces already in theatre. He was exposed to Britain, but lotr_freak had to get his forces into the fray against him. To my pleasant surprise, lotr_freak agreed.

Then MisticX vanished. Pedros came in and picked up the reins of the unstable Italy. I was in a bit of a quandary here - I felt that I simply couldn't stab Britain now, after his acceptance of my plea for a more interesting end-game. But I couldn't have Italy join in against me. This was handsomely resolved when Britain turned round and went for me AND continued steaming in on Italy, getting to a certain 17 SCs.

A last-ditch alliance between Italy and Russia was formed to prevent the seemingly inevitable British solo. I forwent multiple opportunities to pick up completely exposed Italian centres until I saw that the number of guaranteed pickups would take me past 18. At which point, the ghost of Calhamer whispering in my ear grew too strong to resist. I plotted a stab which should - in a single Fall move - take me to 19, so even if I failed in one of what seemed like five certain pickups, I'd get there. And so it was.

Very many thanks to all of the players, especially for their continued good-natured comms and friendliness, despite a long drawn-out and rather stabby game. A round of applause for Waterice Man, our long-suffering GM who stuck with it through more than half a year of GMing.

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