Name Your Diplomacy World Cup Team

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Name Your Diplomacy World Cup Team

Postby Lucifers_Hammer » 20 Oct 2010, 03:02

As a preliminary round prior to the tournament starting (scheduled for Nov 8 - tenatively), I submit a prelim contest --> NAME YOUR TEAM

To get the ball rolling, I submit the following for Canada's two teams (subject to change)

Team Canada 1 - Maple Leaf Monsters
Team Canada 2 - Canuck Bone Crushers

Already submitted
Team Asia Pacific - Red Devils ... good name
Team Mazal Tov - Snitzelmachertachers .... actually, I kinda like the name Team Mazal Tov, original, snappy, might just work

... I will humbly submit for consideration other team names to get them motivated

Team Africa - Run and Hide
Team USA - Last Place Bench Warmers
Team Britannia - Cheesed off Wobblys
Team West Europe - Beer Barrel Barons

Absent of any submissions, the above names may be lamenated to the official Team Rosters.

Oh were is SoB when you need him for his Top Ten Team Names :mrgreen:
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Re: Name Your Diplomacy World Cup Team

Postby echotwo » 20 Oct 2010, 11:21

surely the british team should be called 'stiff upper lip'. and can this thread please be moved to the relevant folder?
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Re: Name Your Diplomacy World Cup Team

Postby Jlet » 20 Oct 2010, 17:26

Until are Captain returns the US will go by the "Yanks."
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