Retreat into a supply center

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Retreat into a supply center

Postby ierikthered » 05 Jun 2008, 19:01

What happens if after the Fall moves are displayed a unit is able to retreat into an unoccupied supply center. For example, if an English unit in Denmark is dislodged by a successful attack from Sweden, and Kiel is unoccupied (and had been previously controlled by Germany), when the English army retreats to Kiel does it count Kiel as a supply center under English control or does it stay a German SC? On one hand, that would seem to make sense. On the other hand, England really doesn't control Kiel after the Fall orders, but only as the result of a retreat. What is the ruling?

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Re: Retreat into a supply center

Postby CowInAPie » 05 Jun 2008, 19:42

He does take it over, I'm pretty sure, because a dislodged unit can fight after its retreat (I'm pretty sure) so it will take Kiel and Russia takes Denmark.
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Re: Retreat into a supply center

Postby zman » 05 Jun 2008, 21:48

It will become an English supply center and England will get a build from it (or at least not lose a build unless he lost more than just Denmark).
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