Can Tuscany Support Venice?

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Can Tuscany Support Venice?

Postby apavlakis » 02 Jun 2008, 23:13

Hello great gods of Diplomacy!

I have the following situation:

Can an italian fleet in Tuscany support an italian army inVenice?

Please reply ASAP!! I need to submit orders!

Thanks guys!!
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Re: Can Tuscany Support Venice?

Postby CowInAPie » 02 Jun 2008, 23:24

Not that I know of, because the fleet can't travel from 1 side of Italy to the other in one move. Ask someone with more experience but I would say no, sorry mate.
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Re: Can Tuscany Support Venice?

Postby zman » 03 Jun 2008, 00:28

Cowinapie is right, a fleet in tuscany would not be able to support Ven. Like he said, if a unit cannot move into a territory in the turn they are unable to offer support to that territory.
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