Convoy Question

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Convoy Question

Postby Diplomat » 21 May 2008, 23:27

In order to break a convoy order, the convoying fleet does not need to be dislodged, only to have been attacked. How about if the convoying fleet has support? Is there any difference?

IE. Italian F-Ion C Tunis to Albania, Italian A-Tun to Alb, Italian F-Adr S F Ion in Ion, Turkish F-Aeg to Ion

I believe the fleet movement/attack breaks up the convoy, despite the support, but I just want to make sure.

Has anyone gotten an answer having tried this in the adjudication of actual orders on this site.
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Re: Convoy Question

Postby behnam » 22 May 2008, 00:22

In order to break a convoy order, the convoying fleet MUST be dislodged. It is insufficient to simply attack the fleet.

Page 14 of the official rulebook:

Dislodgment of a fleet in a convoy causes the convoy to
fail. If a Fleet ordered to convoy is dislodged during the turn,
the Army to be convoyed remains in its original province. An
attack on a convoying Fleet, which doesn’t dislodge it, doesn’t
affect the convoy.
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Re: Convoy Question

Postby DRifteR » 27 May 2008, 01:01

I've seen it before on this site, but I don't remember it very well. The result turned out different from the rulebook, because the attack on the fleet broke up the whole convoy and the army didn't move. The next move the guy tried again with something different. He supported the convoying fleet to hold with another fleet (like the orders you gave) and the army moved to where it wanted to go. So in that case the convoy order can be interpreted like a support order that can be cut.

Any similar experiences?

The rulebook quote is correct. But I kinda think this way is fine too. Logically, a ship can only be a transport or a warship, not both. And land troops are not skilled in marine warfare =P
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Re: Convoy Question

Postby Master Radishes » 27 May 2008, 07:12

An unsupported attack on a fleet shouldn't disrupt a convoy at all. If that's happening on the site, it's a bug.
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