Gascony to Spain with a boat

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Gascony to Spain with a boat

Postby Sach » 21 May 2008, 21:28


Could anyone please tell me, I have a boat in Gascony and I wish to take Spain next turn. Is this possible? I should be moving to north coast of Spain right? Also, does it make a difference if there is an enemy fleet in the mid-atlantic?
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Re: Gascony to Spain with a boat

Postby mdmuff » 21 May 2008, 22:00

From Gascony you can only move to the North Coast of Spain. It makes no difference if there is a fleet in the MAO or not.
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Re: Gascony to Spain with a boat

Postby idoido » 21 May 2008, 22:50

I guess it makes a difference only in the sense that he can also move to Spain and therefor bounce you out of it.
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Re: Gascony to Spain with a boat

Postby Diplomat » 21 May 2008, 23:22

Barring other problems, you can only get to Spain NC from Gascony with your fleet, then you could go to Port, and then to Spain SC and from there to Marseilles. Spain and Bulgaria and St. Petersburg are the only territories on the board like that, with distinct coasts that you occupy as a fleet.
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