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Re: "Winner" email after a draw?

PostPosted: 30 May 2020, 04:28
by lazarus13
These replies have been amazing in their troll / not trollishness. Thank you all you kind sirs / maams / etc. The rulebook I have definitely does not say you share equally in a win, emphasis added:

"As soon as one Great Power controls 18 supply centers, it’s considered to have gained control of Europe. The player representing that Great Power is the winner. However, players can end the game by agreement before a winner is determined. In this case, all players who still have pieces on the game board share equally in a draw."

The reason I ask is that these confirmation winner emails have led to some in my playgroup feeling justified in aiming for what I consider to be absurd 17-17 draws. If I were a better player, or if more of the playgroup didn't believe in "alliance until the end", I could probably find a way to punish those who play for a draw. But when you enter a 7 player game with 4-5 players jockeying to marry a winning partner, it's hard to survive if you prefer to focus on slowly building up trust. Does anyone have similar experience in handling this? What seems to be happening is that some of us are working to build up our skills but it doesn't matter how precise and (dis)honorable you are when everyone else seems to view 1901 as simply a lekking site for them to choose a mate for life.

Also. It seems rather clear to me from the wording "before a winner is determined" means that if you draw, you aren't the winner. How does one formally submit a request to change this crap?

Re: "Winner" email after a draw?

PostPosted: 30 May 2020, 14:36
by Jack007
Yes you are right, thank you for your cleverness. And thank you for the revelation that you always go for a solo. That prevents me from trusting you by mistake and consequently getting stabbed by you, in a future game. I've added you to the list of soloists. Very helpful, thanks. :mrgreen:

Best regards.. Jack007