Supporting convoy

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Supporting convoy

Postby wolf1234 » 20 Dec 2019, 00:58

I convoy an army from Norway to Belgium. Can I support it by a fleet in Holland?
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Re: Supporting convoy

Postby drillbit » 20 Dec 2019, 02:45

Yes, it's always worth running anything you're unsure of through the Orders Solver though. It's a very useful tool.
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Re: Supporting convoy

Postby jay65536 » 20 Dec 2019, 15:59

The fact that you are convoying doesn't change what the rules say about eligible support:

1) If you are trying to support a move, any unit that could move* to the destination province can support that move. So Holland is allowed to support Nwy-Bel, whether Holland is a fleet or army.

2) If you are trying to support a unit in place that is not ordered to move, any unit that could move* to the province that unit is in can support it. So a fleet in Holland is allowed to support the North Sea, because it could have moved there, and the North Sea itself isn't ordered to move.

So in this case the answer to your question is yes, regardless of whether you meant supporting the move or supporting the convoying fleet.

(* - could move without being convoyed)
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