Convoying along coastlines

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Convoying along coastlines

Postby Pope Pius IX » 20 Apr 2019, 23:38


This should be an easy one to answer; my difficult is that now I'm playing a game, I had to find an example that would have no relevancy at all to my game.

Let's say there's an army in one coastal province (Portugal) and a fleet in a neighbouring one (Spain, north coast) and then there's a vacant third province (Gascony.)

Can the army be convoyed to Gascony, from Portugal, by the North Coast Spain fleet?

I suspect not, as convoying on land is weird, but best to check.

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Re: Convoying along coastlines

Postby beadsman » 20 Apr 2019, 23:48

You are correct. That is not possible. Any convoy by land will fail unless it is specifically a rule in a variant game. In standard Diplomacy, it's not possible to convoy by land.
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Re: Convoying along coastlines

Postby Don Juan of Austria » 21 Apr 2019, 09:41

It put it in other words, your boats have to be in the water to convoy. :)
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Re: Convoying along coastlines

Postby Charleroi » 21 Apr 2019, 16:07

Only ships at sea can convoy. Pass through provinces (like Denmark and Con) do count as land provinces. So you cannot convoy from London to Prussia, for example.

You can always test out a move on the order check page. It will let you know if you’re trying an illegal move.
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Re: Convoying along coastlines

Postby NoPunIn10Did » 23 Apr 2019, 00:59

Don Juan of Austria wrote:It put it in other words, your boats have to be in the water to convoy. :)

(Except in some variants that include hybrid land/water spaces, like Gibraltar in 1900)
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