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NMR / auto-surrender question

PostPosted: 14 Jan 2018, 19:51
by diplofan
I have a couple questions about NMR process and how auto-surrender is implemented. Take this scenario for a given power:

orders received and resolved, 1SC taken
no retreat required
all units hold
no retreat required
build order received and resolved
all units hold

1) if a power NMR's is any notice given to the other powers that NMR hold orders are being processed?

2) the way I understand the rules, in the above scenario, the power NMR'd in two consecutive phases and would auto-surrender, unless the power actually entered at least some units to hold for at least one of the two seasons. Since the power did not auto-surrender, then I can conclude they must have ordered at least some units to hold at least once.

Thanks in advance.

Re: NMR / auto-surrender question

PostPosted: 14 Jan 2018, 21:12
by gareth66
1. Depends on the game setting. If the game has NMR protection set, then any NMR will result in a notification in the shoutbox together with a deadline extension. Without NMR Protection, you will only find out about NMRs in the event of two in a row leading to an auto-surrender.

2. Again, depends on game settings. If NMR protection is set, then a player will be auto-surrendered for any second NMR in the game (does not have to be consecutive). Without NMR protection, as you say, two consecutive NMRs will result in an auto-surrender. Remember, though, that only Orders phases count. S01 Orders and F01 Orders phases, for example, are consecutive from the point of view of NMRs. Orders not entered in a Retreat or Build phase will not contribute to an auto-surrender. (But orders ENTERED during one of those phases WILL break the consecutive sequence if the Orders phases either side were NMRs).

For example:
S01 Orders NMR, S01 Retreat NMR, F01 Orders entered does not result in an auto-surrender.
S01 Orders NMR, S01 Retreat Orders entered, F01 NMR does not result in an auto-surrender.
S01 Orders NMR, S01 Retreat no orders to enter, F01 NMR results in an auto-surrender.

The above only applies in a game without NMR protection. With NMR protection, any S01 NMR results in the removal of the player (by auto-surrender) and the game returning to Awaiting Players.

Finally, in response to your question about what constitutes an NMR, it is when no orders are entered for any unit. If a single unit has an order entered for it (even if that order is to HOLD) then the player does not NMR.

Re: NMR / auto-surrender question

PostPosted: 14 Jan 2018, 21:42
by diplofan
Thank you.