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Re: supporting a fleet into Spain

PostPosted: 04 Jan 2018, 01:27
by jay65536
AHH. I just re-read the OP. The OP's confusion was not coming from the same place I thought it was!

I just skimmed the quote in the OP and I thought he was referring to this:

A fleet which may move to one of [Bul/Spa/StP] may "support" an action in that province...without regard to the separation of the coastline. [Emphasis mine]

This is a quote from the 1992 rules, and it is in every edition of the rules EXCEPT the 2000 rules, which were released after I learned the game. But it is not in any way describing the same scenario as the "without regard" snippet of the 2000 rules!

I have always considered this quote as further evidence, beyond my previous rules-nerdery post, that my interpretation of the old rules is the best one (though still not the only possible one). That being said, my involvement in this thread was the first time I read the 2000 rules as carefully as I have read the old rules.

So I agree with you that this is a point of ambiguity in the rules, but I would consider it a point of ambiguity because the 2000 rules are clear in one direction and the old rules seem to imply a different one, not because all sets of rules are particularly ambiguous. I also agree that the PD implementation is fine, because all it does is ask players for a little extra order writing in exchange for simplifying how the engine works, and it does not create situations that are badly out of step with the 2000 rulebook.

Re: supporting a fleet into Spain

PostPosted: 04 Jan 2018, 01:50
by WHSeward
For what it is worth ABC opined on this topic once upon a time, and he did not agree with your interpretation. Now it is possible that he had changed his mind about things over the years, and the 2000 rules reflected his "later" thinking (he wasn't asked about this until after those rules came out that I am aware of) but my instinct is that the ambiguity is always in the early rules because it was always intended that a destination included the coast, if the province was a split coast.

Ah Shiv, sorry we are nerding out on you.