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Convey ?

PostPosted: 21 Nov 2017, 19:21
by TyWolf
When we are convoying a unit over two fleets how is that done. Say I am going from Brest to Spain. For the Mid Atlantic convey to I saw I am convoying Brest to Spain or English Channel to Spain?


Re: Convey ?

PostPosted: 21 Nov 2017, 20:36
by Eleusinian
Each fleet orders the army's starting and final destination: MAO would convoy Brest to Spain. See this thread for more detail (I got there via front page -> Game Rules -> Quick Guidesp link in the top paragraph). You can also use the orders solver to make sure your orders are valid.

But it sounds like you have a fleet in English Channel and Mid Atlantic, and are ordering both to participate in the convoy? If so, the English Channel fleet isn't needed; MAO borders both Brest and Spain, and so can do the convoy by itself.

There are times that you may want to establish "redundant" routes in a convoy, so that the convoy will succeed even if one of the fleets is dislodged. For instance, if you wanted to convoy from London to Belgium, you could do that with both a fleet in English Channel and North Sea; as long as at least one of those fleets isn't dislodged, the convoy will succeed. But in your example, Mid Atlantic is the bottleneck in either path (Bre -> MAO -> Spa or Bre -> Eng -> MAO -> Spa), so having the English Channel fleet participate doesn't gain you anything.