Fleet - coastal movement when sea zone occupied

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Fleet - coastal movement when sea zone occupied

Postby Shooters » 14 Sep 2017, 13:21

Hi guys
Real newbie question here, but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere before I start my first game.
I understand that fleets can move into a sea zone, or they can move from coastal province to coastal province.
However, can fleets still move from coastal province to coastal province if the adjacent sea zone is occupied?
Eg. Can a French fleet move from Brest to Picardie if there is an English fleet in the English Channel?

Many thanks
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Re: Fleet - coastal movement when sea zone occupied

Postby Bromley86 » 14 Sep 2017, 13:59

Yep, there's no impediment. Think of the sea zones and the land provinces as the same, and you'll be fine. Until you try to convoy through land (even land that looks like you might be able to, like Con), or bump into sea/land zones in the variants :) .
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Re: Fleet - coastal movement when sea zone occupied

Postby WarSmith » 14 Sep 2017, 23:23

This is fine! No impediment at all.
The only reason it wouldn't work would be if a unit from another space (e.g. The sea zone you mention) also tries to move to the coast you want to go to - that'd be a bounce.
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