Draw Proposal - Cheap Communication?

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Draw Proposal - Cheap Communication?

Postby SteveHybrid » 02 Jul 2017, 09:09


So recently I played a Gun Boat match using the Age of Empires variant on the Versailles map. From the start, it was 14 anon countries and everything was spread out.

I noticed that right from the beginning multiple counties were throwing up draw proposals regarding their own country along with the country next to them. After seeing who would accept the proposal and who wouldn't I then noticed those countries that accepted would generally work more together than against one another.

It seems that using the draw proposal function was a way to say “hey neighbor, want to ally?” I understand you can simply just accept/deny a request and not be truthful on to what your intentions are but it still seems like a cheap way to communicate in a match where there is supposed to be none at all.

So my question is; how is this behavior perceived? Is it generally accepted within these games as something of the norm or is it typically frowned upon and done in poor manner?

Thanks for your time.

Edit- I may have put this in the wrong sub-forum. Perhaps better off in the "Rules for Fair Play and Fair Use". Sorry xD
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Re: Draw Proposal - Cheap Communication?

Postby super_dipsy » 02 Jul 2017, 09:25

There are a number of ways people use to 'communicate' in gunboat games. This is one, another is when you enter a support order for another country's unit. It is not against the rules, but of course it does seem to go against the spirit of gunboat :)

We can't ever do anything about the support order issue. However, as you say the draw offer technique has no cost to you whereas using an order to support another country wastes an order you could have used for yourself. Later in the game this is not very important, but early on (when you really want to set the scene) it is very expensive in terms of impact to you.

It is interesting you bring this up, because we only 'recently' (in the last year I think) started to allow Draw proposals from Spring 1901. Before, you had to wait until Spring 1905 at the earliest. If you could not offer draw proposals until Spring 1905, then the tactic would be much less use in Gunboat. By 1905 you may well have lost a lot of the benefit of allying with a neighbour!

I wonder if we should change this back for gunboat?

I will raise a Suggestion - I think it deserves further discussion amongst the regular gunboat players.
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Re: Draw Proposal - Cheap Communication?

Postby WHSeward » 02 Jul 2017, 17:45

This is a classic article on communication in gunboat from an online hobby luminary. It is a bit specific to dominant platform at the time (KL Judge) but it will inspire even today.
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