retreating to a failed convoy

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retreating to a failed convoy

Postby Xaqery » 03 May 2017, 02:38

Hello All -
This may be my first post here. Maybe?

Here is the question:
Army in A is convoying to B
Fleet in C is doing the convoying.
The fleet gets dislodged and therefore the convoy doesn't happen.
Can the dislodged fleet retreat to B?

Thank you for your time

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Re: retreating to a failed convoy

Postby Durkeety » 03 May 2017, 02:44

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Re: retreating to a failed convoy

Postby Zosimus » 03 May 2017, 16:18

Durkeety wrote:Yes

Well said.
Be more aggressive.
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Re: retreating to a failed convoy

Postby Otherwise » 03 May 2017, 17:55

Wow! Really?

That has the potential to be used brilliantly, if I could pull it off. I mean if some player in general could THEORETICALLY pull it off.

In theory, you know.

Just sayin'.

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Re: retreating to a failed convoy

Postby Mr.E » 04 May 2017, 08:33

It's because the convoy didn't happen so the army didn't move and its order becomes a hold order. So, assuming nothing else affects the destination space, the dislodged fleet had no restriction on it's ability to retreat there.
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