Intercept an army

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Intercept an army

Postby Alcibiades33 » 15 Mar 2017, 22:29

Can an army move on a territory that another army is occupying to prevent that one to move to another place. Concretely:
I have no army in Berlin
I have two in Bohemia and Munich
Russian has an army in Silesia that I think is going for Berlin
I want to move to Silesia from Bohemia with the support of Munich to prevent Russia's move on Berlin.
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Re: Intercept an army

Postby WHSeward » 15 Mar 2017, 22:46

No, that will not work.

Attacking the province a unit is in, does nothing to stop it from moving to a different province. All moves happen simultaneously, so on the case you are describing, the unit in Sil would advance to Ber, and your unit in Boh would advance to Sil.
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Re: Intercept an army

Postby Cardlinger » 16 Mar 2017, 02:34

Following on from WHSeward and not commenting on any game in particular, the best hope would be to order:

A Mun-Ber
A Boh-Mun

That way if Russia orders A Sil-Ber it will bounce with Mun-Ber, and Boh-Mun bounces when Munich can't move to Berlin, so all the pieces stay as they are. It happens frequently where one bounce causes a succession of bounces, and no-one ends up going anywhere!

But WHSeward has the measure: moves happen simultaneously so you're not breaking an attack or support on Sil, you need to cover the place it's heading. Good players will know this and try to wrongfoot you. Good luck!

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