Retreat question

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Retreat question

Postby PO Bunny » 05 Feb 2017, 19:58

I am new to the forum and haven't played the game a lot either, so please bare with me :) I am in a situation, where I have to retreat an army from territory A. Originally I tried moving the army to territory B with support from C, but it was bounced nevertheless and dislodged from A. When I check around for possible retreat destinations I receive messages for places where I am not allowed to move, for example I cannot move to territory D, since there was a standoff, which took place there. I do not receive the same message though, when I order the army to move to B. According to the rules, this should not be allowed either, yet the game allows the order to be made. Is this just an error and my army would be destroyed if I tried moving there? Or is there something I am missing and I can retreat to B?

Thanks for the help.
PO Bunny
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Re: Retreat question

Postby V » 05 Feb 2017, 20:55

If you bounced in B, no you cannot retreat there. The unit will destroy. The system does often allow entry of invalid orders that will fail & this is such an example. The rule will be correctly applied if you try to select B as your retreat destination.
Good luck Senlac
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Re: Retreat question

Postby Oh Cheese » 06 Feb 2017, 15:40

PO Bunny wrote:I am new to the forum and haven't played the game a lot either, so please bare with me :)

Hold the phone...

You're new to the site, so you want me to get naked with you?? What kind of site do you think this IS???
Oh Cheese
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