Quick question about the board game

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Quick question about the board game

Postby benyam the great » 26 Dec 2014, 06:01

I just bought the board game off ebay a few weeks ago and me and my buddys irl have been playing it a lot lately, but we always run into the same issue we don't know the answer to.

Say I start in Italy and capture a few in Germany, but I lost all my spots in Italy. Can I no longer get new pieces? If I could, how would that work?
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Re: Quick question about the board game

Postby Fatmo » 26 Dec 2014, 06:29

If you are playing the game according to the classic written rules, then no, you can't build anything if all your home centers are taken. According to the rules, you have to build in your home supply centers. Even if you have five centers and three units, you can't actually build until you take back at least one of your home centers and vacate it before a future build phase.

However, there are people who play a variant called "build anywhere," where you can build in any vacant center you own.
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Re: Quick question about the board game

Postby Pedros » 26 Dec 2014, 11:13

Moving this Q&A to Rules, where it belongs.
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