Paradoxical move?

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Paradoxical move?

Postby arcos » 09 Mar 2008, 22:35

Given this situation:
Turkey: fleet in black sea, army in bulgaria
Russia: army in galicia, navy in rumania

black sea moves to sevastopol
bulgaria (with one support) moves to rumania
galicia supports russian navy in rumania
rumania moves to sevastopol

Rumania and sevastopol will block each other, but will rumania still hold?
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Re: Paradoxical move?

Postby brenton » 09 Mar 2008, 23:21

I was under the impression you could only support someone in what they are doing.

If an army is moving, you can only support their move. If an army is holding, you can only support it holding.
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Re: Paradoxical move?

Postby Master Radishes » 10 Mar 2008, 05:24

Brenton is correct. If Rumania moves to Sevastopol, then any support for Rumania to hold will be null. The unit has to remain where it is for the support to work; retaining the territory after a bounce does not count, since the unit technically moved before being bounced back.

So, if I understand the scenario correctly, Rum and BLA will bounce in Sev, but then Russia will lose Rum (and have nowhere to retreat to, since you can't retreat to where there has been a standoff). Turkey will gain Rum, but not Sev.
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Re: Paradoxical move?

Postby infinity8ball » 10 Mar 2008, 15:00

Actually, to be more precise, you can support a unit to hold as long as it doesn't move.

This means if Rum was supporting Sev, it can STILL be supported by Gal, no matter what happens in Sev (or to sev as the case may be).
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