complicated move

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complicated move

Postby aero780 » 27 Feb 2008, 16:40

italian fleets in tyrr, gulf of lyon, and western medit.
french fleet in north africa.

tunis is open.

if the french fleet moves to tunis, and the fleet in tyrr also moves into tunis, the french fleet gets bounced back to north africa.
BUT, if the fleet in western Medit moves into north africa, does he move in, or get bounced back as well?
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Re: complicated move

Postby mdmuff » 27 Feb 2008, 18:15

If I am understanding this correctly...

F North Africa - Tunis
F West Med - North Africa
F Tyrr Sea - Tunis

Then they all bounce back into position, if none of them are supported. Each unit is valued at 1, so without ad additional support unit, they all stand-off each other. The French & Italian fleet bounce each other in Tunis. Since the French fleet was bounced back to North Africa, North Africa is not open and is held by the French fleet. The Italian fleet from West Med would need support to dislodge the fleet in North Africa.
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