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Re: Anonymous Game Question

Postby Dolph Shtoss » 27 Jun 2018, 00:47

Message received - no mention of the forum in-game. And in that case, I’m skittish about saying how I could potentially use the post to my advantage. Maybe I’ll come back to this thread after the game and explain, although I think Fatmo has the right idea.
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Re: Anonymous Game Question

Postby Fatmo » 27 Jun 2018, 02:03

rd45 wrote:OP, you should probably flag the original forum post. A mod will come along & delete or anonymise it eventually. In the meantime, probably best to try to forget that you know, and don't draw other players' attention to it.

The rules say that you can do whatever you want within the game - claim an identity for yourself or anyone else, for whatever reason - because all comms in the game are subject to the usual level of doubt - your claims could be true or false, malicious or helpful, etc. But comms outside the game (e.g. on the forum) are different, because they're reliably traceable to specific users.

Missed this post when I posted, but this is solid as well.

Glad to see you're going to just try to let it go and play the game within the bounds of the game. It's probably better for the game overall. I'm sure it would be a pretty interesting conversation after the game if the OP wants to come back and talk about how he might have spun things.

But for now, play on!
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