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Oops! My Bad!

PostPosted: 21 Apr 2014, 15:48
by DipInRoad
I've now ended up in 101 games. I'm not sure how, but I suspect it has something to do with a Pending game that finally went live.

My Bad. Sorry.

I'm only signed up to one other Pending game so, I'll drop the number of games I'm involved in down to 98 until the final Pending game starts. After that I'm not going to sign up for any new games until some of the start-from-scratch games I'm involved in have finished.

Hopefully, I have a bit of a track record now to show that I have a certain amount of integrity on this site, and that I'm not likely to spoil anyone's fun. I'm averaging about 3 games finalising per day, so I'm hoping this hiccup won't last very long.

UPDATE: I'm back under the 100 limit now. 8-)

Re: Oops! My Bad!

PostPosted: 25 Apr 2014, 15:03
by DipInRoad
Ooops, I'm in 101 games again.

I'm wondering if games being processed are counted as active? I do notice that the count of games I'm playing goes up and down by one or two throughout the day, even when I'm not joining any new games. So, I might be on 98, then it drops to 97, and an hour later it's back up to 98 again, and there's no notice that a game ended.

Re: Oops! My Bad!

PostPosted: 25 Apr 2014, 15:16
by rick.leeds
Could just be that the system needs time to catch up with games that have finished. Or, as you say, the system may be missing pending or waiting games. Dipsy is away from the site as far as working with the system is concerned for a few days (although he may be around on the Forum). When he's back if he doesn't see this, I'll mention it to him.


Re: Oops! My Bad!

PostPosted: 26 Apr 2014, 01:29
by Jegpeg
I once got very worried when the site said I had no active games when the only game I was in had no draw proposals and noone close to a solo.

I've now found out that it says that whenever it is processing it says no active games.