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Re: Rules and etiquette in PPO

Postby coggas » 08 May 2013, 12:48

Dear Zadaron,

Yes it does matter, for example: I or another could PM him and say I am China in game 123456, wanna team up...either way this was a violation of the rules on two counts:
1 He used his name on the forum in reference to a game that anyone in it would recognize.
2 He has now seemingly implicated my good self...even If someone else was pretending to be me, or I was pretending to be someone else.
.Basically he broke the rules: the rules clearly state that it's O.K. to identify oneself BUT ONLY IN THE PP.

Nevertheless I have declined in this case to make a formal complaint, and I hope the game continues as started.

I would love to comment further on the logistics and the rest of the ensuing drama, but shall decline until the game is over.

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Re: Rules and etiquette in PPO

Postby asudevil » 08 May 2013, 13:36

Ok, Im locking this until the game is over. Coggas, I don't see how what Salty did is any worse than your OP coupled with your "what to do when you have an issue with a mod" thread in the cheaters sub-forum.

I brought up the game there and so you clearly identified yourself and brought up issues from inside a game that anyone who is IN the game would know that you are who you said you were. Salty here is just explaining why he doesn't like the way it happened.

However, you are right, it is an active game, so I shall lock this thread so it stops.
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