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110998. Hammer Time Solo #3 - SOLO ONLY

PostPosted: 03 Dec 2015, 05:54
by Lucifers-Hammer
Due to what appears to be a rash of surrenders at the first hint of trouble, peeing of pants when thinking of playing past a 6-way draw and a general unwillingness to play for a solo or even harder - a 17/17 in the games that I have sampled of late, I would like to start the first of Hammer Time Solo Only Series. I have been behaving myself pretty much or almost all the time now - with the possible exception of games where upon getting down to three players, two are insisting that we have reached a stalemate line so lets have a kumbaya draw - so no need to fear the Hammer LOL.

This is a SOLO ONLY or try your very best to do it and if a true stalemate is the logical result then so be it. I would say try for a 17/17 if possible over the solo but we shall see. UPDATE: THIS IS A HONOR SOLO - where draws are allowed for but I hope only if there is a true stalemate and no one is sandbagging at the end. :mrgreen:

Anon Countries
No Christmas, New Years, Halloween
Ambassadors Only - hopefully this will cut down on the surrenders and if Star Ambassadors join then we can have a real chat fest.

PM me for the password. This will be a fun game so come one come all.

PS. the current players I am playing with that are insisting on a 3-way draw rather than trying to beat me need not apply LOL.

PPS. Screwed up my first game set up, couldn't find the second one so created the third one and joined it immediately, hence the #3 in the series.

Re: 110998. Hammer Time Solo #3 - SOLO ONLY

PostPosted: 03 Dec 2015, 07:18
by Lucifers-Hammer
So 4 passwords were sent out and if all join that means, by my math skills and using a slide-rule, only 2 more potentially open spots.

Re: 110998. Hammer Time Solo #3 - SOLO ONLY (5/7)

PostPosted: 05 Dec 2015, 19:18
by Lucifers-Hammer
Hey Fatmo, where are you :mrgreen:

Re: 110998. Hammer Time Solo #3 - SOLO ONLY

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2015, 11:19
by Fatmo
Ya called me out! :o

Alright, might as well. Please be gentle with me. Can we all just be peaceful and do a STP to Syria convoy with every power singing together by the campfire and then take a seven way draw? Who needs drama ... or Belgium? That would be just swell, wouldn't it? :mrgreen: