New Soloist game: No Carebears

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Re: New Soloist game: No Carebears

Postby cvan91 » 14 Oct 2011, 22:19

I, cvan91, do hereby pledge, by my free will, without any duress being applied to be, and being of sound mind, in the witness of the Mods and gamers of this forum, that I will commit myself to winning this game outright to the best of my ability. Should one of the seven prove to be an Oathbreaker in this regard, I will spurn all talks of enacting a draw and will dutifully fight until no such draw can take place. Should a stalemate occur and all players agree, I will continue to seek a solo win for as long as this is possible. If it proves impossible, and all players agree, then there will be no winner for this game and I will not ever claim to have won it. I pledge to not surrender, and continue active participation in the shoutbox if I should be defeated, as I continue to have a vote in the stalemate agreement.

Now can I have the password?

I tried to find your game, but no results turned up for it.
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Re: New Soloist game: No Carebears

Postby iowapurple » 21 Oct 2011, 22:48

This game finished some time ago.
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