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PostPosted: 21 Aug 2010, 02:06
by TheYank
Welcome to Renaissance Diplomacy!

Similar to the original game, the one major difference is that the Swiss are open for business! Also, the starting countries are slightly different with different starting SCs.

The Players:
1. kaiseralexander - Venice
2. mr bump - Ottoman Turks
3. Caladin - Poland-Lithuania
4. Sanguinem - Holy Roman Empire
5. QueenOfHearts - Spain
6. Zebb - England
7. shavemybaby - France

1. cs
2. Pedros
3. Jierda117
4. Ceebs
(Always willing to take more)


NMR Policy
Two and you are out. I'm going to be strict about this. But, if you know you're going to need more time (and it's not only a few hours before the deadline) I can work with you. When in doubt, send in preliminary orders!!

Please title your PM with Renaissance, country name, and [Spring/Fall/Winter] [Year].

The Starting Map