Top 10 Diplomacy Reasons...

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Top 10 Diplomacy Reasons...

Postby sleazyg » 07 Oct 2014, 18:46

You want to join this game:

Now 2/1/1!

1) New harbor dug in Paris, extremely welcoming to fleets.
2) Bonus points awarded for any England avoiding the North Sea for the first 2 years of the game.
3) Kissinger played Diplomacy with Kennedy. Not sure if that helped with the Cuban Missile Crisis, but I'll claim it somehow helped stave off Nuclear War.
4) Computers own high-level chess, and are capable of defeating Grandmasters with ease. Computers suck balls playing Diplomacy.
5) Early Diplomacy games, played over the internet, used message boards and other dweebish old-school boring text-based utilities. Remember the days when a GUI was considered "wimpy?"
6) I have gained a lot of respect for top ten lists about obscure subjects because they are difficult to make, much less make funny.

...7 - 10, any contributions? I'm sucking wind here folks.
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