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Re: Comments or Questions on the Classicists

Postby Pete the Great » 16 Mar 2019, 04:25

OK Thank you, so the 1 non ranked abandoned I picked up and completed does not count toward stats due to the non ranked, while the 2 completed ranked (1 abandoned and 1 start) do.

If one wants to protect their stats they should not pick up the really poor position abandoned ones, even though they don't bother the rating due to the shield. While picking them up clouds the picture of anyone trying to pre-judge your abilities by looking at them. (I actually have a 100% draw rate if you only count games I started. :) ) Of course that is a fairly easy accomplishment given the sample size.
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Re: Comments or Questions on the Classicists

Postby Shyvve » 16 Mar 2019, 06:18

Correct. Your rating is determined by only ranked games.

All Rank and No Rank count as far as the Classicist levels go though.

Kinda depends on what one is calling "stats." Whether it's just rating (All Games, Standard, etc.) you're looking at. Or whether all ranked/no-rank games as far as solo percentage/draw percentage.

And yeah, if it's a horrible position, might not survive. But, not always. Nothing to lose by picking it up shield as far as rating goes.
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