Balkans S04

4-player variant set in Spring 1901. Created by QueenOfHearts. GM: QueenOfHearts. GM ended the game in DIAS 4-way draw.

Balkans S04

Postby QueenOfHearts » 03 Jun 2010, 16:36


Austria (vaderi)

A Slovania Support Hungaria to Hold
A Hungaria Support Slovenia to Hold
F Adriatic Move Croatia
F Montenegro Move Bosnia

Russia (mat.gopack)


Turkey (Albinobadger)

Ukraine -> Black Sea.
Rumania -> Ukraine.
Bulgaria -> Serbia.
Macedonia support Bulgaria -> Serbia.
Albania support Greece hold.
Edirne -> Burgas.
Smyrna -> Sea of Crete.
Greece support Smyrna -> Sea of Crete.

Italy (Telenoth)

A Ven support A Austria - Slovenia
F Rome NC - Adriatic
Fleets Med and Naples support F Rome NC - Adriatic
F Sparta - Crete (tee hee)

No retreats! Fall orders due Monday, June 7th (I'm out of town this weekend)
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