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Tour of Britain 2020 Leaderboard

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2020, 19:00
by Phlegmatic
Hello all!

Here is the leaderboard for the Tour of Britain, after the first leg in Macclesfield.

Two rounds were played, one board each round. Scoring is C-Diplo. Where relevant I have shown the players' PlayDip names, which may differ from the names shown on World Diplomacy Database (WDD prefer not to use online aliases).

Dib: 70.75
Pootleflump: 28 .75
Big Gun: 25.75
Andy Harris: 21.75
Strategus: 21.5
Metagam3r: 18.5
Phlegmatic: 7
Leon McCaslin: 6

Congratulations to Dib on a great performance to win MaccCon, and a huge thanks to all players who attended in difficult circumstances.

The next two events are planned to be in London on 27/28 June and York in September. Clearly this might change as the pandemic progresses, so I will keep updating as required.

Details are also available at: ... _todo_tour

Re: Tour of Britain 2020 Leaderboard facetimed

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2020, 21:52
by dib
For players who havent heard we had one player using Facetime video which worked very well. He had physically met all the players before which i think worked well

The Phone was bluetoothed to some headphones and on loudspeaker during orders phase.


Re: Tour of Britain 2020 Leaderboard

PostPosted: 17 Mar 2020, 09:14
by Pootleflump
Congratulations on winning the tournament, dib. Two great games. Your strategy was flawless and you're now officially the coolest guy in the tour of Britain driving seat. Very impressive. Well done. I learned a lot. Admittedly mostly about defending like a crazy thing from the neighbours you sent in my direction both days, :lol:

Phleg, great venue, catering and organisation, as always. You are a tournament director extraordinaire. All those little touches made it a special weekend. Thank you.

I wasn't sure how having a virtual player on facetime was going to work. It worked a dream. It was like having a little portable friend you sneak off to any corner of the room to have your way with. Just like he was there in person!

Folks, if you can get to London or York, please consider coming along. Great beer, great company, great games, great friendships. We are a friendly bunch. It would be good to have multiple boards and grow something awesome into something even more awesome. There were medals and certificates, beer, curry, cheap accommodation, dancing as a line of defence and everything.......

Health of the country permitting, next stop, London in June. York in September. Stay safe everyone.