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WDC - Marseille 30.08. - 01.09.19

PostPosted: 17 Aug 2019, 10:55
by Big Gun
This year's World Diplomacy Championship will be held from Friday 30th August - Sunday 1st September in Marseille, France.

It is still possible to register for this event and it promises to be a good one. The package includes two nights stay at a beachside resort, all meals, unlimited wine and the tournament itself for just 120 Euros.

Further details here:

I've just spontaneously decided to sign up for this and still managed to find a fairly inexpensive flight from the UK.

Are there any other PlayDippers going? I hope to see you there!

Big Gun

Re: WDC - Marseille 30.08. - 01.09.19

PostPosted: 19 Aug 2019, 13:43
by DoranMartell
Yes I will be there. See also the other thread about the wdc 2019.