PlayDip is Taking Over WDC - Oct 5-7 Washington DC

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Re: PlayDip is Taking Over WDC - Oct 5-7 Washington DC

Postby NoPunIn10Did » 17 Jul 2018, 18:33

DavidMaletsky wrote:I was poring over a thread about Austria & Turkey as allies, and it was really striking how entrenched in the draw-size-based scoring the mindset is... two-way draws kept getting mentioned as a paragon of a strong result.

So I thought I would mention to all of the WDC attendees, if you haven’t already, learn the scoring model that is being used, in this case sum of squares. Not only are the incentives different, but even the pitches one is able to make diplomatically are different, than DSS. Don’t go into the event thinking about getting into two or three way draws, or you will be handicapping yourselves.

On this note, if you want some practice, take a look at joining the next game in the Classicist C-Diplo Series. There are some notable differences between WDC and C-Diplo, the most important being that C-Diplo plays only until the end of 1907, while WDC games have no such limit. The scoring is also fairly different, though in both systems the draw size does not matter.
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