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FtF: Cascadia finished, TotalCon is next!

PostPosted: 29 Jan 2018, 04:34
by nanooktheeskimo
The Cascadia open in Vancouver, Canada has just wrapped up today, with Edi Birsan winning the two round tournament. Next up on the calendar is TotalCon, in Marlborough MA (near Boston), starting February 23!

If you're in the New England area, this is the perfect opportunity to get out of the cold and into a face to face game! This is a three round tournament, currently expected to have around 3 boards a round. It's part of a larger gaming tournament, and preregistration and hotel details can be found here:

Re: FtF: Cascadia finished, TotalCon is next!

PostPosted: 31 Jan 2018, 20:17
by DQ
Full results:

1st Edi Birsan 90.29
2nd Tim Jaxon 79.72
3rd John Jamieson 74.21
4th Eric Grinnell 55.06
5th Craig Mayr 48.65
6th Adam Silverman 44.29
7th Doug Moore 28.57
8th Jason Mayr 26.89
9th Matt Shields 17.81
10th Heather Jamieson 17.50
11th Aleahya Webb 16.11
12th Kyra Olson 8.45
13th Jason Mastbaum 5.64
14th Jim Said 4.12
15th Chris Mazza 2.83
16th Mike Moore 0.34
17th Chuck Spiekerman 0.25
18th Mark Dornian 0.00
NR Chris Brand 77.59 (TD)

Best Austria Jason Mastbaum 2.22 points, 3 centres R1G2
Best England Tim Jaxon 48.28 points, 14 centres R1G2
Best France Eric Grinnell 54.70 points, 16 centres R2G1
Best Germany Craig Mayr 48.65 points, 12 centres R1G1
Best Italy Doug Moore 20.13 points, 8 centres R2G3
Best Russia Jason Mayr 26.89 points, 8 centres R2G2
Best Turkey John Jamieson 45.28 points, 12 centres R2G3

Re: FtF: Cascadia finished, TotalCon is next!

PostPosted: 02 Feb 2018, 02:14
by DirtyHarry
Best Austria got 3 centers? Wow, I guess Austria got hammered in that tourney.