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Board placement at NA Dip Con (Carnage)

PostPosted: 01 Nov 2017, 08:26
by DQ
Interesting wrinkle to the format at the North American championships this year - players get to choose their country, after which boards will be created randomly. Like having preference lists but once all spots for a country have been chosen, you end up with less choices. Choice preference being random in the first round, and then in reverse order of placement for rounds 2 and 3 - if you got clobbered in round 1, you'll have first choice of country in round 2, but if you are leading the tournament, you'll have whatever is left after everyone else chooses.

The TD is David Maletsky, and he's a big innovator in hobby organization. The Carnage scoring system is his, and it is now used by a majority of North American tournaments. Last year he experimented with a similar system in which players chose their seat - both board and power, but that proved to be too open to manipulation/meta-gaming.

But his objective, to allow less-experienced players to get power preference over tournament sharks, would appear to be achievable through this system. In a perfect world, players would submit preference lists in advance of the round so the board seating could be done electronically in advance, but I expect this won't take too much longer than most events, and we'll no doubt have some folks speak about upcoming tournaments/events during the 10 mins or so it takes to get all the boards assigned after power selection.

An unintended consequence of this is that you can mostly avoid playing certain players by ensuring you both pick the same power each round - though of course this gets harder if you are doing well in the tournament and you don't have many choices left. But "Team Rounds" where you pick up two or six other players and make a team - none of whom will be on a board together - has become an exercise in metagaming for sharks, who don't want to see other sharks on the same board.

Should be interesting, in any case, and I'll report back on how it went!

Re: Board placement at NA Dip Con (Carnage)

PostPosted: 01 Nov 2017, 09:51
by Hindu Warrior
Very Interesting . Please keep posting about the event .

Please post some pics also.

Re: Board placement at NA Dip Con (Carnage)

PostPosted: 05 Nov 2017, 00:09
by DQ
Not sure the best way to add images here, but I have a bunch, I'll figure it out.

7 boards in round one, 6 in round two. No solo victories so far, tournament leader Steve Cooley has two board tops, Edi Birsan has a top and a shared top.

Carnage scoring is lead-based, with tiebreaker points for dots owned at end of game. 7000+centers for first, 6000+ for second, etc, with a soloist getting all possible points and all other players getting 0.

I topped my first board, but sat down this morning to make numbers work. No drop round, so my chances of winning are functionally 0 without a solo tonight.

Drafting has been VERY interesting. On Friday, the first power to fill was Austria. Several good players went early in the random draft order and chose it, and then others probably decided they didn't want to play against those people and so got on board. That didn't work out well for most of them - There were two board tops as Austria (I think, haven't seen official numbers) and 5 much less good results.

The next power to fill was France, followed rapidly by G/E. Then Italy. The last four spots were Russian.

Today, when drafting was in reverse order of Tournament Placement, France filled first, followed by E/G. Then Italy and Austria, with the last four spots being one Turkish and three Russian. It kind of surprises me that Russia is so unpopular in the draft, but there you are!

More, with pics and final results, to follow.