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Re: WDC 2017: AAR and General Impressions

PostPosted: 23 Jul 2017, 13:38
by DQ
Carebear wrote:The woulda, coulda, shoulda finish would have been a much better second place on board three and four. Still, I would have probably finished just outside of the top 20. So, about the same as last year. But, I really need to board top to have a chance at the top board and I really didn't get close. My last board was perhaps my best chance for it. So, I perhaps need to re-evaluate some of my play.

I was thinking about this myself. When you never see any of the players on the top board in a tournament, you can say "well, they just had better / luckier / easier draws" and go on with your life. But I saw several of the players on the top board over the course of the tournament, and the 3rd place finisher as well. Looking back at those boards, I _think_ I've identified a couple places where I might have made a stronger decision, but as with all things diplomacy there is too much chaos to really know what would have changed if X had happened instead of Y in 1905.

The other thing that occured to me was that there were only two or three boards where an alliance saddled up and ran together for the whole 10 game years to top the board. @BigGun and I had one of those as A/I, but the best we could do was hold off the Western Triple + rump Turkey until one of the west stabbed in 1908 - which, as I type it, actually is about the best you can expect in that situation. The other ones who did that ended up with MONSTER scores, even the person who finished second in dot count. Some of that is quality of players - good players not wanting their ally to get too far ahead of them - and some of that was quality of scoring system - the 10 point bonus for topping definitely motivated stabbing.

A great event. I hope to get my recap video up today, been recharging mental batteries since it ended. Great to see/meet all of you, and looking forward to the next time!

Re: WDC 2017: AAR and General Impressions

PostPosted: 21 Aug 2017, 01:32
by Danivon
Big Gun wrote:In my second game I drew Italy. I spent a long time on 4 units, a very typical syndrome for Italy, I think. Turkey was hostile throughout the game and lied incessantly at every turn. Although he was at one stage in the Ionian, I managed to dislodge him, narrowly avoiding what would have been a fatal convoy to Apulia. I ended the game with what I felt was a respectable 7 units, 2nd I believe to Germany.

I was that evil Turk. Sorry, man, the game was not well played by me, and I was in a hole of my own making.