2016 World Diplomacy Championship at Weasel Moot X

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Re: 2016 World Diplomacy Championship at Weasel Moot X

Postby JimTheGrey » 05 Jun 2016, 16:30

Two quick things about WDC.

First, the tournament will take place on a vertical college campus in an urban environment. The university has a strict guest policy. I need to provide a list of attendees by June 21, so if you're planning to play or think you might, message me so I can get you on the list. The master list is here, for those interested:http://windycityweasels.org/news/953-the-parade-of-tributes. It's up to 87.

Second, if you want to stay in the dorm, you need to book your room by June 15 at 11 p.m. You can find the link to book as well as a link offering other housing suggestions here: http://windycityweasels.org/wdc2016.

Any questions or concerns, message me.

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Re: 2016 World Diplomacy Championship at Weasel Moot X

Postby dancing queen » 22 Jun 2016, 23:11

Putting a link to the preview videos I've been making here, as well as in the meetup thread:


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