Necronomicon 2015 (Tampa, FL)

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Necronomicon 2015 (Tampa, FL)

Postby Nanook » 13 Oct 2015, 08:03

So, just a short write up...

This last weekend, the 9th to 11th, was the Necronomicon Sci/fi and Fantasy Convention, in Tampa Florida. There was a table set up for Diplomacy through the convention, with four games total played. The table was run by a combination of Tom Haver (current top-ranked player in the world, I believe), Will Abbott (the guy to get in touch with if you're in central Florida and want to play FtF!), and a middle aged gentleman whose name I embarrassingly cannot recall, except that I think his first name was Michael.

I played in two games, of varying quality. The first was on Saturday (there had been one Friday I was unable to make), and the players were myself, an online player making my first foray into the FtF world, a more experienced FtF player named Bradford something or other, a college student that hadn't played for two or three years named Anna (or Anne, possibly), a young man approximately college-aged named Aaron that I think had played before if not extensively, and three new comers to the game. I drew England, Bradford drew Turkey, Anna as Russia, Newcomer I as Italy, Newcomer F as France, Newcomer Brittany as Germany, and Aaron as Austria. I found myself in a strong early position, with myself and Germany having bum-rushed France, and a good position in Scandinavia. This is where my inexperience with FtF showed--I misplayed my hand, and waited a year too long to make my move, allowing Turkey to set his move up. Had I moved a year earlier, I would have been able to force Turkey's hand, as opposed to letting his move dictate mine. In hindsight, I should have eliminated France cleanly (I allowed Germany to convince me to use him as a pawn, basically, and I allowed it to continue one year too long in fear of Germany, who was friends with France outside the game, reacting poorly). I also should have been more aggressive about Scandinavia. At any rate, Turkey ended up topping the board at 16 centers at the cut-off time (without a cut off there was a possibility for him to solo, but it would have taken kingmaking). I finished with 11 centers, Germany with 3 or 4, and Russia with 3 or 4. Austria was eliminated early, then France a year after he should have been, and Italy a year or so before the game ended.

There was another game Saturday evening, which I wasn't present for.

The final game was Sunday, and boy was it something. The players were myself, again, as Germany, and Bradford as Italy. Jim as Russia, his wife (whose name I forget, but I want to say Jill--that may be wishful thinking though) as Turkey. Jim had played 30 or 35 years ago, his wife never. Lynda as France, her husband Lewis as England (and was he ever a Lewis, if you know what I mean!). And somebody's extremely soft-spoken nephew as Austria (couldn't quite figure out who he belonged to, but oh well).

This game....this game was not a good game. No alliance structure or anything even close to one. The closest thing to an alliance was Russia and Turkey, in that Turkey kept taking her husband's centers and he kept suiciding towards me. I had a good relationship with Bradford's Italy until he took Munich from me late, but even that happened mostly because Russia was intent on suicide. I worked it back out with him at the end, based off mutual frustration (although of course, no alliance structure benefited him as Italy almost as much as it hurt me as Germany). I started off allied with E against F...then had to back off F to stop R's move against me...then had to move against E with F...then had to protect against R again while feeding F moves...then trying to bring Italy back to me while stalling E/F against each other (R was, satisfyingly, brought from 6 centers to one in a single year). I said it at the time and I'll say it again here: I felt like a ping pong ball, with all the bouncing back and forth I had to do. The game finally ended with no objections when Turkey's leg started bothering her and she decided she was done playing. Turkey finished with something like 6 or 7 centers (although she soon would have been crushed by Italy), Russia with one, France with six as I recall, England with four, myself with six (and about to retake Munich), Austria eliminated, and Italy at ten or eleven. A fun experience, but a miserable game.

All in all, a great experience, and definitely something I want to do again! Especially at a higher level, to try and test myself and see how mediocre I really am ;)

There was talk of trying to set up a group of players in the Florida area to play every few months or so, if you're in Florida (or will be), then the guy to get in touch with about that is Will Abbott, who you can contact here: [email protected] , I believe he also runs the CentralFLDip account here on PlayDip, but I'd guess email is your better bet.

If I missed anything or left anything out you're curious about let me know, otherwise that's about it I'd say. I hope this was coherent, I'm still recovering and writing this in between frantically trying to catch up on my games here. Thanks again to Will, Tom, and Michael (I think) for setting it up and running it, and giving someone that's wanted to play but hadn't had the opportunity yet a chance to!
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