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Re: DixieCon

Postby President Muffley » 26 May 2015, 14:45

I wrote that AAR as a stream of contentiousness and it had all the bad hall marks of something that the author failed to read before posting.
:oops: :oops: :oops:
I just did a read through and corrected some of the more egregious spelling errors and typos.
Hopefully its now a more integrable read.
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Re: DixieCon

Postby BillHack » 06 Feb 2016, 04:54

FWIW, this PlayDip alum took down 2nd place.


President Muffley wrote:
WHSeward wrote: . . . to the point, I expect you to come back with your shield or on it!

As it turns out . . . I came back on it. Those of you who are familiar with DixieCon will recognize the dubious honor that I am holding in the flowing picture. 8-)


Three times I allowed my home centers to be invaded early in the game.

Three times I would play desperately for survival . . . only to fall short in the end.

In the first game my one center Turkey supported the last remaining army belonging to, my nemesis and Austria's broken puppet, Russia in to the unsuspecting Italian fleet that was occupying Smyrna. Unfortunately this attempt to weaken Italy failed to tempt Austria to stab his ally. After I and Russia were eliminated Austria topped the board at 15 centers in a three way draw.

In my second game as Germany, I waffled on an offer to going a western-triple as France and English Troupes crashed past my defenses Imputed to join the alliance as a mercenary force for England. My two remaining units crashed across the Russian frontier bringing the Tzar down to its knees and securing St. Petersburg. Eventually, as usually happens to forces who invade Russia, half of my forces froze to death in Livonia as the last supply lines from Berlin were cut. I would winter in St. Petersburg until I outlived my usefulness. After being abandoned by the English, the city would fall to the Turk and the last remnant of the Imperial German Army were no more.

In the third game, as Austria, I made a committed attempt to rally Italy and Russia in a plan to dig out the Turk. Italy and I amassed fleets bordering the Aegean. I gambled by supporting the Italian Fleet into Greece in 1901. With his second fleet build we forced that fleet into the Aegean in 1902 with my fleet followed in to Greece. Because Tunis was to remain unclaimed The Italian was invited into Trieste in order to compensate for the loss of Greece. We played the deception up, however the more experienced players certainly saw through this as I was now in Greece. Sadly that same year saw disaster stuck. I had failed to make the necessary diplomatic and tactical moves to prevent the duplicitous Russian from walking into Galicia. it is possible that (AS TURKEY INSISTED) Italy had orchestrated this. However, I suspect that if that is the case it was only as an insurance plan. It was entirely within my power to insure that Galicia remained free of white blocks and this I failed at. Italy proved loyal with his army in Trieste issuing no orders as our combined fleets pressed forward against Turkey. Unfortunately I made a gave tactical error the result was that I lost Budapest to Russia. Italy tried to prop me up for a while but was ultimately forced to make a deal with Russia. Seeing my fleets certain ejection from Greece I informed Italy that I would pirate for him. As it turned out, Tunis was as of yet unclaimed allowing me to survive without harming Italy. Unfortunately my fleet would never leave its safe haven in north Africa. France was ready to defend Spain and no surprise attack could be made. When Russia inevitably stabbed Italy and it looked like he would die and Russia might solo, Italy did the stand up act of recommending my services to the French and with a hand shake my contract of service was transferred. Unfortunately rumors that Germany would betray France forced him to eject me from Tunis in the hopes that it would help him weather a German Stab that never came to pass.

I continued to watch that last game for a bit before deciding to take a stroll down town where I did a little shopping at a used and rare book store ware I picked up some short works by Dostoevsky before walking further up the street to the Carolina Brewery and Grill ware I treated myself to two craft beers and a fantastic burger made from locally sourced ingredients. Upon returning to the tournament Adam Sigal, who aside from being the eventual tournament winner was also Germany in my third game and France in my first, informed me that the game had a remarkable turnaround in my absence and ended in a three-way draw between Germany, France and Italy!

Eventual the results will get posted and I will post a link so you can see who was on my boards.

For my efforts I was given a "Death with Dignity" Certificate and was awarded "The Hammer" for being hammered over the course of the tournament.

Despite finishing dead last, I had a great time.

The people there were great and next year will be their 30th anniversary, so I highly recommend going to DixieCon next year if you are at all inclined to give F2F Tournament Diplomacy a try.
In the Philly area this August? Check out Liberty Cup, a live FTF Diplomacy Tournament in Philadelphia, PA.

In the mid-east/South this Memorial Day? Check out Dixie-Con, a live FTF Diplomacy Tournament in Chapel Hill, NC at the campus of UNC.
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