Upcoming Conventions

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Upcoming Conventions

Postby petermcnamara » 26 Jan 2013, 03:39

Since the canonical place for upcoming tournaments (http://www.diplom.org/Face/cons/index.php) only has a few tournaments listed, I thought I'd compile as complete a list of upcoming events to post here as I know of. Please add or correct as needed. If a tournament hasn't announced a date yet (eg WeaselMoot in Chicago in the northern summer), then I haven't included it. All dates are 2013 except the last entry.

Some of these events have more detail at the diplom.org list I mentioned above. For others I've tried to include a website if I know of one.

USA: Feb 1-3, TempleCon in Rhode Island.

USA: Feb 1-2, WAC in Seattle.

New Zealand: 16-17 February. New Zealand Championships at BattleCry.

USA: April 6-7, Whipping in Berkeley CA. 3 rounds. 2 on Sat, 1 on Sun. Manorcon scoring system, all rounds count. New location at Games of Berkeley in Downtown Berkeley. Run by myself, and contact me for further information. www.meetup.com/SF-Bay-Area-Diplomacy-As ... /90492582/

USA: April 20-21, CodCon 7, somewhere in the suburbs of Chicago. www.windycityweasels.org/codcon7

USA: Memorial Day weekend. Kubla Con in San Francisco and Dixie Con in Chapel Hill.

USA: July 4th weekend, Philadelphia Massacre. http://philadelphiamassacre.com/

UK: July 19-21. ManorCon, Leicester, UK.

UK/France: August 22, EuroStarCon. David Norman has created a yahoo group http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/wdc2013travellers/ for people travelling around WDC 2013. No activity on the group yet, but expect to see a large group travelling together on the EuroStar from London to Paris on this date.

France: August 23-25. WorldDipCon in Paris. http://www.worlddipcon.com 50% discount on hotel prices for Europeans at Hotel la Louisiane and 100% discount for non-Europeans.

Italy: Weekend after WorldDipCon. There will be a tournament in Lucca, Italy.

USA: October 11-13. DipCon at Tempest in Washington DC.

USA: November 8-10. Carnage in Vermont.

UK: November 8-11. Midcon, Derby, UK.

USA: Memorial Day Weekend 2014. WDC at DixieCon.
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Re: Upcoming Conventions

Postby JimTheGrey » 30 Jan 2013, 03:26

Thanks for the reminder to post the CODCon info to the Pouch, Peter! That's done now.

As for Weasel Moot, we're scrambling to find a new venue and hope to have that wrapped up in the next two weeks...

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