[DiplomacyNYC] June Games

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[DiplomacyNYC] June Games

Postby Niakan » 29 May 2012, 23:54

For laziness sake, here's a copy-pasted email I sent to those on the DiplomacyNYC mailing list. If you're supposed to be on the mailing list and you didnt get this email, or if you would like to be added to the list please let me know via PM on this site. Also, if you are interested in any of these games please PM me here or email me at [email protected]. Thanks!

Hey guys, how did that last game go?

I've finally finished this Fall term at school.. things did not get easier for me as
anticipated but that's all behind me now..

Let's get some Dip games going this June!

=GAME 1=

Date/Location: -- This Saturday, June 2nd @ Bohemian Beer Hall and Garden!
Time: Meet up @ 12:00 PM, Game Starts @ 1:00 PM SHARP! Please show up
*before* 1 PM! If you tend to be late to games, aim for 12 or 12:30 ;)
Game: Diplomacy (C-Diplo)!

C-Diplo is a little different, as some of you already know. Paul can correct me if
I'm wrong but I think the main idea is that the game ends at the end of 1907 --
so, with some good time management this game should be over before 5 PM
which is when those bands tend to show up and start wrecking the atmosphere
of World Domination -- if anything we can even move the game downstairs in
the spacious and air conditioned basement.

I'm going to be there at 12 PM when they open for pre-game pitchers for
whoever wants to join me. The idea is to get a quick stress-free game of
Diplomacy in so that we can enjoy the Beer Garden too. I know I'll be hanging
out after the game for sure. I've got a lot of drinking I need to make up for from

If you're interested shoot me an email!


=GAME 2=

Date/Location: Saturday, June 9th @ TBD (Randall's Island, Roosevelt Island,
Central Park, or another outdoor location). If you have an idea or a preference,
let me know via email so we can hone in the location!
Time: 11 AM - Sunset (around 7:30 PM) with a break in between for food
Game: Standard Diplomacy

Going to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather for a good game of
standard Dip! Let me know if anyone has a preference for location.. basically
going to use one of the many city parks for the location. If the weather looks
bad coming up to the date of the game, alternate location will be at my
apartment at 132nd St. in Manhattan.

Again if you're interested shoot me an email!


=GAME 3=

At some point in June we may have a game in New Haven, CT. I'll grab a car so
we can set up a car pool for as many as 4 or 5 people to get out there. There
may be representation from the Boston hobby as well! I should have a better
answer later this week for date/time and whether the game is still happening.

=GAME 4=

Who wants to organize a game for the weekend of the 16th or the weekend of
the 30th? :) Jersey, where you at!



Boston Massacre will be held the weekend of the 22nd-24th. I'll be attending
from the 23rd on (I'll be on orders with my unit from the 11th-22nd) -- if
anyone wants to carpool up let me know! Info for the tournament is here --
http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_i ... 2330338437


World DipCon 2012 is being held in Chicago this year from 10-12 August. If we
can get 3 or 4 of us to go, we could be able to do it on the cheap as far as hotels
and travel goes (Road Trip!) It's a 14 hour drive but shared among 4 people it's
not a bad way to spend a weekend in the summer, road-tripping through the
northern Mid-West in August. If you're interested shoot me an email -- no need
to confirm yet, but if you want to be pencilled in as a possible let me know.
Anticipated cost for the whole shibang (travel, lodging, tournament entree fee)
would amount to about 130 bucks for non-students, 100 bucks for students (or
for whoever can dig up their old college ID and get away with *claiming* they're
a student ;) ). It's a price you can't beat. Going alone would cost you closer to
600 bucks between flights and lodging for the weekend. The World event only
comes to North America once every three (!) years, so having it in Chicago is
pretty much like having it next door. Don't miss out on this opportunity! Let's
represent NYC!

New York City will be hosting a tournament in September of this year -- it won't
be an official Grand Prix tournament -- something a bit smaller in scale -- at a
date, time, and location TBD (Tentatively looking at Kings Games in Brooklyn for
a nice cheap location). Entree fee is looking like 10 or 15 dollars depending on
price quotes I get for getting plaques for the winner and top placers (5 dollars of
this entree fee will also be put towards a purchase at Kings Games that will be
awarded to the top placer of the tournament) -- it'll be cash at the door. Once
details get hammered out we might get a pre-registration discount going for
people that sign up before mid-August. Stay tuned!
Website Update: Finally getting some traction! The website has been created
and now that I can breathe from school I'm working with our coder/designer Kyle
White to get a creation/registration system set up for games through the website
and expand functionality. He's been doing a heck of a lot of work in my absence
and he's really come through for us. We're getting there! Website will be released

If someone wants to host a game this month, just hit reply all to address the
group. One thing though, if you're signing up for a game: Please hit "Reply",
not "Reply All", to be kind to everyone's inboxes. Thanks!

And don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @DiplomacyNYC!


PS: If you think I've left someone out from the email chain please let me know.
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