[MAY]Face-to-Face Diplomacy in NYC

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[MAY]Face-to-Face Diplomacy in NYC

Postby Niakan » 07 May 2012, 20:00

After taking a brief self-imposed vacation from all things non-academic in April, I'm now getting back to organizing games this May. The schedule is tight but we can squeeze some stuff in here. For the sake of keeping things easy I'm just going to copy and paste the message I sent out to my email list here (PM me with your email address if you'd like to be put on the list, or if you didn't get the email for some reason):

First off, I want to first apologize for the commo blackout
last month. Things got a bit hectic on my end, and I'd like
to thank Sam Capasso for stepping up and organizing a fun game
at the Bohemian Beer Garden on April 28th. I dropped by and
had a great time. Also would like to thank Craig, Eric, and
John for coming out and helping to keep the game going. Craig
and John were both first timers to the game, and this was
Eric's first time out for a game with the NYC group, and I
hope that we see them again for future ones!

I've got a busy month of weekends personally, so time for
games at my apartment will be limited. If there's enough
interest I'd be happy to host a game this weekend on the 12th
at my apartment which would start at 11:30 (winks). I've done
this "week-of" planning in the past so it could possibly work

Also, Anthony Laufgraben has been kind enough to offer his
home in Bayside, Queens to host a Dip game on Saturday, May
26th. If you're interested shoot him an email
([email protected]), he'll have details. I would be
attending his game except that I have a wedding I need to
attend on exactly the 26th.

Third, Phillipp Weissert and I are hammering out details for a
potential game in New Haven, Connecticut in June. If you're
interested in taking a quick road trip through New England for
Diplomacy this summer (who wouldn't be?) let me know. He's
going to have 3ish people on his side, so right now the plan
is 4 or 5 of us splitting a car for the drive up.

As always, if you'd like to organize or host a game please
feel free to. Just hit reply all and you'll be speaking to
the group! And if you have a friend that plays Dip and you
think would be interested, send their contact info my way and
I'll keep them in the loop with these emails.

Once I have my annual training schedule I'm going to set up
some dates ahead of time for June (besides the CT game), July,
and August.

Lastly, a word about tournaments: The 2012 World Diplomacy
Championship, an annual tournament that rotates between
locations in Europe, Australia, and North America, will be
held this year on August 10th in Chicago. There's a small
entrance fee that basically covers the renting of the venue
space and costs of plaques and other awards. Details are
here: http://windycityweasels.org/

I will be attending so long as my drill dates don't conflict.
If we get a small group of us that attend, we can take the
trip for cheap. Let me know if you're thinking about going --
don't need any final decisions yet but it will give me a
general idea about how I might swing this.

I will also be organizing a tournament in NYC for September:
Details will be released in June once I finalize some things.
Stay tuned!

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