Highschools that have Diplomacy Clubs

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Highschools that have Diplomacy Clubs

Postby Idols » 03 Jan 2017, 21:04

Good day everyone! I have been thinking for a long time about compiling a list of high schools and colleges that currently have some form of a Diplomacy Club, and I thought that I would start here. My dream is that we eventually have enough high schools on this list to create a high school diplomacy league! But also, it would be interesting personally just to see if there were any other high school Diplomacy clubs out there... somewhere :).

So, for all high school students who go to a school with a diplomacy club, please let me know so that I can append it to this list!

School name/Location/Contact:
Walter Payton College Prep, Chicago IL, [email protected] (idols)
Evanston Township High School, Evanston IL, N/A [no club]
Cambridge University, Cambridge England, [email protected] (http://www.dip.soc.ucam.org/)
Warwick University, Coventry England, [email protected] [no club]
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