Attention: Student Group

Young people want their own special group too!

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Attention: Student Group

Postby Nanook » 11 Apr 2015, 12:46

The basics of it are, this is a group designed for people in the under-23 age range OR a student (or that ask really, really politely), so we can play games with people around our own age and play music as loudly as we want :)

There will be Students-only games, maybe even tournaments eventually, and a league table will be kept by myself for all finished students games.

If you're not in the Students group, or at least a pending member (meaning you've filled an application out here, and applied formally--click on the applications link for more information), then I ask you don't post in the group subforum please.

Any applications will be dealt with in 1-2 business days, with Wednesday being the only non-business day.

Beyond all that, let's have some fun with this, and show the Oldies they aren't the only ones that can have their own games! :D
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