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Fall 1901 Adjudications

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2010, 12:50
by Jobson15
No retreats, so straight into the build phase. Orders due by 11:59 GMT on Wed 17th

Highlands (SidneyKidney) 0 Builds
f(FTW)-ARG Bounce
f(MOR)-Elg Success
a(Bra)-Bre Success

Lowlands (Albinobadger) 2 Builds
ARG move FTW Bounce
BRE move INV Success
DUN move ABE Success

Ulster (vaderi) 1 Build
F Bel Move Nch Success
A Ath Hold Success
A Shl Support Ath to Hold Success

Eire (superplayer) 3 Builds
F. Celtiv Sea->Plymouth Success
A. Galway holds Success
A. Ardentinny->Dublin Success

Yorkshire (mr bump) 3 Builds
A.Liv Hold. Success
A.Dal move Car. Success
F. New move Yor. Bounce

Wales (Nimblewright) 2 Builds
Marshes to Birmingham Success
Bristol support Marshes to Birmingham Success
Severn Estuary support Celtic Sea to Plymouth Success

Southeast (MadeofMeat) 1 Build
A OXF Hold Success
F HUM - YOR Bounce
F ENG - PLY Bounce