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Spring 1901 Adjudications

PostPosted: 13 Mar 2010, 06:50
by Jobson15
Fall 1901 Orders are due 11:59 GMT on Monday 15th

Highlands (SidneyKidney)

a(Inv)-Bra Success
f(WIC)- MOR Success
f(FTW)-FOY Bounce

Lowlands (Albinobadger)

Army in GLA -> ARG Success
Fleet in EDI -> DUN Success
Army in STI -> BRE Success

Yorkshire (mr bump)

A.Sheffield goes Liverpool. Success
A.Leeds goes Dal (Dales ?). Success
F.York goes Newcastle. Success

Ulster (vaderi)

F Bel Move Foy Bounce
A Don Move Ath Success
A Arm Move Shl Success

Eire (superplayer)

Limmerick->Galway Success
Waterlord->Ardentinny Success
Cork->Celtic Sea Success

Wales (Nimblewright)

Caernarfon to Mar Success
Swansea to Sev Success
Cardiff to Bristol Success

Southeast (MoadeofMeat)

SOU - ENG Success
LON - OXF Success
NRW - HUM Success